About Jen… & Art Your Eat Out


Dancing @local LGBT bar 09/2013

So I really am a positive person. Or like to think of myself as one… Or wait, maybe I’m a depressed person who desperately strives to keep her head above water by acting “as if” she were positive? Hmmm… I bet I am an angry person, who is afraid of herself, so “fakes it to make it!” Oh OH! I know! I am a spirit having a fat human experience and does her best to just shrug off the shit and be Happy?!
I’ve got my intellectual, religious, spiritual, psychological, nihilistic, & biologically based opinions + a few more…oh yeah, I’m a know-it-all too.

AYEO… Drawing, painting, and crafting are the ONLY things I can do for more than 2 hours at a time and not want FOOD! Even when sleeping, I dream of food sometimes. This idea to chronicle this “inspirational journey” of my transformation through this do art instead of eat was born 4 years ago in a McD’s drive-thru. What would i do if i started getting my Art out there and married it with my struggle with my binge/ emotional eating disorder? Put a blog up… after a year (and like, 3 posts) the site wanted to charge me. Bah. So in the back of my mind it stayed until I created a FB page around the end of 2013 and started posting my Art. It is connected to my personal FB, so I find any writing about Fat stuff difficult. So back to figuring out this blog stuff. Hope it helps me (&u).


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