Great Expectations – A Sensory Birthday Extravaganza

Both our kiddos are on the spectrum of featl alcohol disorders. I think this would be an incredibly memorable and awesome experience!

FASD: Learning with Hope

We love a birthday boy with #FASDBy @FASD_Mum

It started about 3.00 pm on Christmas Day: “For my birthday, I want….”  Week by week, month by month, the birthday list kept growing a little longer and the anticipation grew more fevered.

Impulsivity is a part of his FASD.  Every time our son sees something cool, he wants it.  Very much.  He has learned over time that he can’t always have it at that moment.  This is progress.  And we learned long ago that Toys R Us is no place for this child (or possibly any child).  That too is progress (learned the hard way).  He isn’t very good at consistently remembering things, so that thing he HAD to have one day can be forgotten and it is standard practice for something to be added at the very last minute. This shifting and expanding present list is a harrowing minefield for us, as his disappointment can be…

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