Binge Eating Disorder

So,  I tried to win an intensive local experience which included daily boot camp, x3weekly running group, nutritionist, etc ALL FREE!  Over 200 applicants submitted a form, an essay, full body pics, and a 2min video.  This contest of course says there’s a winner at the end and it’s the person who loses the most weight, but there’s no $ prize or anything like that.
I was so hype and actually emotional about this!  It’s been the only thing, aside from wife/family, that has really moved me for a long time.   The morning after I got my consolation email, a commercial caught my attention. There was a thin, pretty, blonde woman who plays tennis talking about an eating disorder…  BINGE EATING DISORDER! 
2years ago it was accepted into the diagnostic manual for mental illnesses. It is just as serious as anorexia and bulimia as well as more common! 
Actually the most common ED there is in America.

Fast forward a few weeks and
1. Saw my Dr this morning to discuss issues and was validated and given an RX (vyvanse).
2. Have 2nd appt with an ED therapist this evening. She has had me writing a journal of my days ,being mindful of the connection to food.

OK, here I go…!


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